Pine River Bedding

Our Core Beliefs

Great shavings come fresh from the mill: Pine River Bedding only sells freshly packaged shavings, sawdust, and pellets.
We refuse to sell shavings that have been stored in a dusty, dirty warehouse for months.
Our product is so fresh that our customers can smell the difference between our product and other brands on the market.

Great shavings come from premium lumber: Our shavings are produced from only premium grade wood and are delivered to you within days of being shaved off the tree.
We work with the best mills in North America to bring you superior quality, kiln dried, highly absorbent, quality wood shavings.
​We refuse to put our name on it if it doesn’t pass our quality standards.

Great business comes from great relationships:

We build business partnerships that span generations.
Some of our partners have been with us since we opened in 1997.
​We strive to be better than anyone else that can sell you shavings.
​Service matters!